EMBRYO/ STIGMATA split demo lp

Image of EMBRYO/ STIGMATA split demo lp

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Highly recommended!
The A side features the classic EMBRYO "Damnatory Cacophony" demo. Originally released in 1991 and limited to 500 pro-printed copies, it features Mattias Borgh from the mighty CRYPT OF KERBEROS as well as members from such cult acts as XENOFANES (Swe), VINTERLAND (Swe), HARMONY (Swe) and MAZE OF TORMENT (Swe).

The B side features the ultra obscure yet equally amazing 1992 demo "Deceived Minds" from Sweden's STIGMATA, featuring Mattias Parkkila from EGYPT (Swe) and Peter Eklund of DARK FUNERAL (Swe).

This amazing piece of history will have the usual CRYPT standard of quality and feature classic band photos, reviews, interviews, new liner notes and lyrics. 100 on half red / half white wax. Each LP comes with a 12" x 24" foldout poster featuring both covers.