Image of MACHETAZO 'Ruin' lp


"Ruin" contains the most negative, dark and hermetic music ever made by Machetazo, a true reflection of the attitude of the people involved. 13 new songs of pure old school insanity that dwells between extreme Grindcore, Death Metal and Sludge Doom, ghastly and suffocating, inspired by all horror that lurks between life and death.
Recorded again at Treboada Studio (A Coruña, Galicia) with Paco “The Maggot” Liaño in only 18 hours after months of intense rehearsals, and once again it gets the most spontaneous and energetic sound possible.
Co-released on LP by Doomentia and Parasitic, on CD (and limited digipack) by Doomentia, and perfectly illustrated by Timo Ketola stark black and white artwork.