VASSAGO ‘Knights from Hell’ cassette

Image of VASSAGO ‘Knights from Hell’ cassette


HSR200] Released in 1999, “Knights From Hell” was Vassago’s first full-length release, but it would also be the band’s last before folding for good. Nevertheless, “Knights From Hell” was a bold and defiant statement and remains a monumental recording. The bestial energy of the album was unmatched by the majority of Vassago’s peers, though comparisons may be drawn to early output by bands such as Impaled Nazarene and Black Witchery. The album exhibits an unrestrained ferocity. There are no especially atmospheric or ambient passages in the songs; even the interludes are brief, swiftly giving way to the savage tumult that characterizes Vassago’s music. Displaying inhuman accuracy, the rhythm section is nearly mechanical, pierced only by Sin’s wretched vocals and excoriating guitar leads by session member Suckdog. Produced by Andy LaRoque.