ALDEBARAN 'From Forgotten Tombs I&II' cd

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ALDEBARAN - …From Forgotten Tombs I & II CD [MEMENTO-XLIV]
A collection of all the songs (most of them available on CD format for the first time ever) included in their "...From Forgotten Tombs" (originally released on vinyl format in 2008) and "...From Forgotten Tombs II" (originally released on digital format in 2013) compilations on one disc, featuring the "Pleasures of War" EP (2004), a cover of Pentagram´s "The Ghoul" and their side of the splits with Rue (2004), Sod Hauler (2005), Zoroaster (2009) and Unearthly Trance (2009). Adorned with an amazingly ominous artwork by Igor "Abigor" Mugerza, "…From Forgotten Tombs I & II" display almost 70 minutes worth of gargantuan sheer heaviness and eerie aural landscapes from the undisputed U.S. masters of funeralized Doom/Sludge Metal with a Lovecraftian vibe. If the prospect of soul-crushing and utmost heavy Doom Metal suits your fancy, this anthology of Aldebaran´s plodding opuses is an absolute necessity to drown in cosmic terror.