IMPETUOUS RITUAL 'Blighted upon martyred sentience' cassette

Image of IMPETUOUS RITUAL 'Blighted upon martyred sentience' cassette


Newest full length, pro cassette first press 300 copies
Co release with Darkness Attack.
With a sound even less conventional and even weirder and alien than its two predecessors, “Blight…” harnesses a much darker atmosphere (if one could even imagine that would be possible), sometimes veering off into abstract noise and dark ambient, creating a much more depraved, violent, torturous and malevolent audial canvas like no other band in extreme death metal today. One could say that with the even stranger and warped sound picture that IMPETUOUS RITUAL have painted with “Blight…”, that the band have transcended and inverted the genre of death metal unto something of their own vision unparalleled.

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